View loan interest rates closely


The construction loan is usually several hundred thousand euros. It is no wonder that many people conclude this only after careful consideration, because such a large financial burden is certainly worth one or the other consideration. However, it should also be compared very well before concluding the loan. In general, construction loan interest rates can vary greatly depending on the bank. For this reason, it is even more important to find out exactly about the conditions of each provider. The construction loan interest rates should be considered very closely. For these can be subdivided on the one hand in the nominal, on the other hand in the effective interest.

Nominal construction loan interest rates are very much used for advertising. They are quite low and attract many customers. However, it should be remembered that the nominal construction loan interest rates only make up the real interest rate of the loan. They do not include any additional costs incurred for the loan. In contrast, the effective construction loan interest rates are designed to include the costs of closing fees or commissions. So you are more likely to compare the offers concretely.

In addition to the construction loan interest future developers should also pay attention to the costs incurred for the appraisals of a property. Sometimes these are passed on by some banks to the customers, so that they are to be borne by them. It shows that there are massive differences for the offers that should be respected in any case. Because if the construction loan interest rates often differ only to a very small extent from each other, it can happen that these additional costs of several thousand euros with it. In this respect, the exact comparison of the various offers is imperative to a favorable mortgage lendingto obtain. The most important point for the comparison is the construction loan interest.

Given that these are currently very low, future builders should also consider whether they can use the low burden of Baukredit interest rates to agree on a higher eradication. Not only can the loan as such be paid much faster, but it can also save even high costs for longer interest payments. In this respect, it is worthwhile to take out a loan for building or buying a house right now. It is also favorable to have the low construction loan interest rates fixed in the long term. This creates more planning security and the client can also protect himself against rising interest rates during the term of the construction loan.

Construction loan comparison on the Internet

A building loan brings an enormous financial burden. This shows quickly that the most comprehensive construction loan comparison is needed in any case, to find the cheapest possible offer for themselves. It should be noted, however, that the construction credit comparison is made with all due care to actually achieve useful results. In this respect, it is important that you first get some numbers that are indispensable for a concrete construction loan comparison.

First of all, you have to calculate how much the construction loan has to be. For this, the costs of building or buying a house should be known. Not to be forgotten is that besides the purchase price also incidental costs. These result from the costs for the notary, the land register, possibly development costs and the property tax. They should also be added to the purchase price. Thereafter, the deduction of equity takes place. These include cash assets of all kinds, as well as cash deposits that are available at short notice, as well as a home savings contract with the credit thereon. The resulting sum yields the required loan amount, which is indispensable for the construction loan comparison.

Furthermore, it is necessary to take a closer look at your own financial resources in order to carry out a concrete construction loan comparison. All receipts of the budget must be compared with the expenses. Incidentally, a household book is particularly well suited for this purpose. It should also include a contingency buffer. The remaining amount can be used to pay off the loan. In the construction loan comparison one can thus also indicate a desirable monthly rate. In addition, you should consider whether to choose the construction loan with variable interest or would like to have them fixed.

Due to the currently extremely low interest rates, one should already expect a fixed interest rate in the construction loan comparison. On the one hand, this safeguards against rising interest rates and thus makes the entire financing easier to plan. When comparing loans on the Internet, it should also be noted that the information given here is only an approximate guide. For concrete figures one must carry out a conventional building credit comparison, with which one can submit binding offers of the different banks. Only with these specific numbers a meaningful construction loan comparison is possible, so that one can determine the most favorable offer. Because in a construction loan comparison, various factors play a role in granting particularly favorable terms. These include the income, creditworthiness and security of the borrower’s job. These details can be difficult to take into account in a general construction loan comparison on the internet.

How to secure your loan!

Depending on the type of loan, loan amount and existing income, banks require certain collateral. The background to this is that in this way a possible payment default by the borrower, such as due to occupational disability or unemployment, should be prevented. However, it is also possible for a borrower to protect himself in the “case of the cases” with insurance.


To secure a loan, there are various options, such as special insurance.

Depending on the type of loan, there are various options for securing the loan. For example, in a real estate loan, it is common for a mortgage to be taken, while there are different possibilities for an installment loan. While in a car loan, as an example, usually the vehicle itself serves as collateral, it is possible in a purpose-tied loan, for example, to pledge securities or to assign the most diverse claims.

In addition, however, there is also the option of securing the loan with insurance. In this way, the repayment of the loan is guaranteed even if, for example, unemployment threatens or the borrower dies. In the case of the latter, at least the family is protected in this respect, so that the mourning is not accompanied by financial worries.

In addition to a death insurance, the usual insurance options also include residual debt insurance and classic occupational disability insurance.

Whole life insurance

The insurance starts in the event of death; However, it usually has to be sufficient not only for the repayment of the loan, but also for other things.

Death insurance is often referred to as term life insurance. As the name implies, it serves to ensure that in the contract beneficiary is in case of death of the borrower is able to credit continues to operate.

When concluding such insurance, it should be kept in mind, however, that in the case of death the sum insured often has to be used for various other things.

However, those who are looking for a pure loan protection, for those who are generally recommended rather a residual debt insurance, which in turn includes a kind of death insurance. This is especially true when it comes to real estate loans.

Payment protection insurance

Depending on what was agreed in the contract, the residual debt insurance in the event of death, unemployment and disability.

The residual debt insurance, on the other hand, offers more comprehensive coverage. However, it depends on what exactly was agreed in the contract.

For example, there is a general option here to protect the survivors in the event of death so that the family does not have to repay the loan. But that is not all, because it is also possible, if desired, to protect the borrower personally in the event of unemployment or even in the event of occupational disability.

Worthwhile payment protection insurance is especially when a long repayment term and high loan amount was agreed: Finally, can change a lot over a longer time frame.

This is the case, for example, when taking out a real estate loan; so that a residual debt insurance is usually worthwhile here. As a rule, it is the case that the bank even offers it on its own. However, there is usually no obligation to complete them. Thus, the borrower can decide for himself whether such insurance makes sense or perhaps not.

Another advantage of a residual debt insurance is that the borrower does not have to answer any health questions. On the other hand, a risk life insurance and a disability insurance scheme looks very different.

However, it must be remembered here that in the event of death due to a disease that was already known before the conclusion of the contract, there is no obligation to pay for the insurance. In addition, the insurance industry does not have to perform as well if a disability arises from a mental illness.

Disability insurance

As the name already suggests, the insurance provides protection in case of occupational disability.

In the case of occupational disability insurance, this often looks a little different: Here, most insurance companies also cover a mental illness as the cause of incapacity for work. Accordingly, such insurance is usually a very good alternative. Although it is not specifically used for credit protection, it benefits from the fact that the private occupational disability pension helps ensure that loan repayments can continue to be made even if one is no longer able to practice one’s own profession.

For a large number of credit institutions, securing the loan through a disability insurance is a “must”: otherwise, these banks either even give no or only a lower credit.

Guarantor / second borrower

With the help of a guarantor or a second borrower, not only is it possible to hedge the loan, but it is also possible in a more difficult situation to obtain the loan at all.

However, another option makes it possible to hedge a loan: this is made possible by a guarantor or even a second borrower. While the second borrower signs the loan agreement, the guarantor, true to his name, assumes a guarantee.

If the actual borrower fails, or if, for various reasons, he is no longer able to pay off the monthly installments of the loan, the guarantor or the second borrower steps in here. This means that the person concerned then has to pay in full for the payment of the remaining loan amount. Accordingly, it should be well considered whether a guarantee is taken or the loan agreement is signed.

As a guarantor or as a second borrower you can use a variety of people. So it is conceivable, for example, to ask the partner, the parents or grandparents or siblings. However, other relatives or good friends are just as good.

However, it is not everyone’s right to “depend on” someone else for the desired loan, so to speak. In most cases, a dark aftertaste appears here. In addition, there may well be tensions that hurt the relationship or friendly relationship. As a result, aspiring borrowers often resort to insurance rather than credit protection than to a guarantee or a second borrower.

However, if the prospective borrower can not meet one or more of the bank’s requirements, then usually a guarantor / second borrower is the only option to get the loan. However, of course, each person must meet the various requirements.

In addition to a secure, regular income, the bank’s usual requirements include a good credit rating and a positive Schufa rating. In addition, banks usually place a high value on a German bank account as well as a German residence. 

The training loan and other financing

Apprentices and students are usually charged twice. You have to perform well and make a living. This often means that they invest precious learning time in a part-time job and so can not achieve good results in the training. However, the best possible results are an advantage when looking for a job. During apprenticeship training, the apprentice receives at least compensation, but this can only cover the most important expenses. Apprentices of a vocational school and students are not paid, but often have to pay high tuition fees. Therefore, they are often obliged to earn something on the side, because many parents can no longer pay for vocational training.

For these reasons, different financing options have been created, which adapt to the needs of trainees. One of them is the training loan. This includes all necessary costs for the entire vocational training and includes special conditions. Mostly the interest rate is much lower and some fees are gone. Thus, the borrower can fully concentrate on his teaching and achieve better results. These enable him then also a better job.

Another possibility is the purchase of Bafög. This is partly treated as a loan and must be repaid upon successful completion of the training. In addition, students can take out a corresponding loan, which also has special conditions. The repayment is also made here only after completion of studies and when taking up an activity.

With one of these funding options or even a combination of them, every graduate with a degree can learn the profession of his choice and does not have to cancel an important training for financial reasons. The repayments can usually be adjusted individually, and moreover, these are only after completion of the training by means of small monthly installments. Good job training is a prerequisite for high salaries.

Calculate cheap loans

Many companies and the self-employed need money to develop their entrepreneurial activities. For this purpose, banks and money institutions offer loans. Before the loan contract is concluded it is essential to have the loans calculated. Nothing is worse than being left out of financial misalignment. It is important to inform yourself about the loan interest. In a comparison, cash can be saved. The loan interest amounts to 4 to 17% per annum on the loan amount.
There are several types of loans and it is worth having the loan calculated.

Those who want to become self-employed can take advantage of various support programs. But without starting capital, the path to self-employment is hard to master. For business start-ups up to 25,000 € loan available. These loans are provided through the house banks, also note here, to have loans calculated.
Entrepreneurial capital is available for companies already active in the market. This loan is mostly used for new investments. The special thing about this loan is that in case of bottlenecks, other creditors are first served and withdraw this loan. A huge advantage and that can mean the preservation of some companies.

When lending, banks undertake a review of the company’s financial situation. A personal contact with the bank is always useful and advisable. 
The self-employed can in turn be charged by subject matter experts for the required loan. 
Who does not know: washing machine is broken, the car is on strike and urgently needs a repair, and the next rental payment is due. Despite careful financial planning, there is no money left in the cash register. 
What to do?

A loan can help here. The first option is to speak with a consultant of your own house bank. On the Internet, there are several online banks that charge loans. This is another way to get money fast.

Cheap loans online

First, explain what the difference between a loan and a loan actually is. The only difference is that the loan is designed for a longer duration. For example, household finance loans come into play. As these financings are invested for up to about 25 years.
It has recently become apparent that obtaining a loan online is experiencing a veritable boom. Because getting cheap loans here is quite easy and less time-consuming than using the traditional method through your house bank.

With the loans online, mainly the so-called direct banks, as well as private credit platforms are flying high. Especially because of the economic crisis, new ways are being sought to seek cheap loans as an alternative to the banks. The development of interest rates has led to more favorable loans being available, whether conventionally or as loans. The reason for this interest rate trend is likely to be the global crisis, as well as the reduction of the base rate by the Bundesbank. Since the banks want to back in the black, a real price war has flared up here in the area of ​​cheap loans.

However, how long this trend will continue is not yet foreseeable. Experts say it may be possible that this interest rate trend, whether cheap home loan loans or online loans, could have bottomed out. In any case, at the moment, interest rates have reached such a low level that they should take advantage of this point in time if needed to secure their cheap loan now. The loan can be used online to secure the best interest, as the interest rates of direct banks are still slightly lower than in conventional banks.


When taking out loans, a distinction is made between long-term and medium-term loans. Long-term loans include real estate loans, while in the medium-term, predominantly consumer loans are granted. These loans are not earmarked and can therefore be used for all possible uses. In contrast, the mortgage loans that are used solely for the purchase or construction of a property or for the renovation and modernization. These loans are further characterized by the fact that the registration of a land charge is necessary for their protection. Installment loans, on the other hand, are usually granted unsecured.

People who are interested in taking out a loan, regardless of which loan it is, want to pay as little interest as possible. The higher the loan amount, the lower the interest rate. For real estate loans, for example, it is already noticeable if the loan is only 0.1% pa cheaper.

To find cheap loans, different methods can be used. Thus, borrowers have the opportunity to arrange various consultancy appointments with the banks and then compare the offers. However, this is very time consuming, so many seekers are looking for alternatives.

Cheap loans are always available on the internet. Not only bank branches but also direct banks can be found there via credit calculators. Already after entering the desired loan amount as well as the term or the loan installment, the loan calculator indicates which bank offers the cheapest offer. In such a credit comparison should always be paid to the effective loan interest rate, because it indicates the actual cost of a loan, including the processing fees to be paid.

When looking for a cheap loan, however, care should be taken to ensure that the loan calculator in many cases only displays off-interest rates. These interest rates may change in the later offer of the bank even higher, for example, in a higher mortgage lending value or a low credit rating.

The results of the credit calculator should therefore be understood as indicative only. The actual interest rates can be determined only after the submission of all necessary loan documents.

Online loan record – comparison even without private credit

On our current loan offers can be compared at a glance. You can choose from loans from renowned banks. There is the possibility to take out a personal loan. Borrowing is quick and easy via an online form. After a short processing time, the money will be credited to the specified account.

What to borrow online for?

If someone has enough savings, they generally have no need to borrow. If this is not the case, a loan may be advisable to buy a house or to finance other condominium, furniture, other furnishings, a car, or personal desires.

There are several types of loans, such as:
Mortgages and mortgages to finance a home or condominium, installment loans with fixed installments over the life of the loan, motor vehicle loans, emergency loans, lightning loans, instant loans, special and special credits, overdrafts / bank overdrafts, to name only the most common ones.

If someone has a loan request, they are most likely to contact their house bank or a bank of their choice. This can be done by going to the counter. First, he will describe his personal situation and explain the need for borrowing. Then one searches for one for him in question credit type. Once this is found, a loan application can be made on a form. But not all groups of people come into question.

This can then be said to them immediately. The amount of the loan is requested on the form found on the form; the repayment and the repayment modalities are rolled over, the length of the term is predetermined, as well as the amount of the interest rate. Likewise, the personal details, such as the exact personal details, the employment relationship (s) of the future borrower (s) are listed.

Documents are requested from the bank about all relevant facts.

The processing of the loan request

If these are taught, the processing can be done. The details are checked carefully, in particular the personal data and the income ratio. Of particular note is the examination of the applicant’s creditworthiness. It will be asked to information whether someone has always met his previous payment obligations or not. If there is a default of payment, it will be difficult to get a loan. So there are also people who are not granted credit. But if everything is fine, the borrowing is usually nothing in the way.

A credit application form will be filled out with the information required by the applicant (s). The bank adds its modalities, such as the type of loan, the amount of the loan, any collateral, term, interest rate and repayment modalities. Usually processing fees are added and the terms and conditions are printed and must be recognized.

After processing and loan approval, the form is either signed to the borrower (s) and he / she can sign it alone or, usually, the person is contacted by the bank and asked to sign and sign the contract to be able to take.

The advantages of online credit

It has been described here so far an online loan, in which someone directly, in personal contact with the bank, as usual for decades usual. It is now also common to seek a loan over the Internet. The online loan is applied for and completed online. Within a few minutes, it will be obvious to the prospect if he or she is granted a loan.

Thus, the transition to the bank is saved, so the time is considerably shortened and it gives him a first overview of his options. Also, the online conditions are often cheaper. In the further processing, the online loan does not differ from the processing at a branch bank; the same documents must be provided, a credit check is made and a credit agreement is concluded.

Good to know:
Usually the usual types of credit are offered; starting with the mortgage lending. Particularly noteworthy are the instant loans, which are usually completed online and installment loans between 1.500, – and 50.000, – € represent. Lending is decided within a few days so that the money is available quickly. To mention are still small loans, which are installment loans, from about 500, – €, and to de minimis loans with a loan amount up to about 200, – €.

Lightning loans – it’s hardly faster

It goes even faster with a lightning loan, with an immediate payment by lightning transfer. An urgent loan is usually a installment loan, where the receipt of money takes place immediately after the commitment of the provider, partly by flash transfer. Otherwise the usual transfer time. Advantages of borrowing via the Internet are: good comparison options; can be applied for online; This application is time-saving and therefore simplistic ; often lower interest rates; fast cash receipt. Under certain circumstances, a private creditprüfung can be dispensed with.

Disadvantages of borrowing via the Internet are: there can be no personal advice from the bank, but which might not be advisable for less experienced people, especially on the types of loans and opportunities. Perhaps a customer is already personally acquainted with the bank and the bank employee therefore knows his situation and can therefore advise him in the best possible way.

Long-term vs. short-term loans

There are long-term and there are short-term loans. The longer a loan, the lower the lending rates in general. For overdraft or overdraft loans, the interest rate is usually the highest. This is also not really intended as a loan, but only as a short-term opportunity to bridge financial bottlenecks. However, if these exist over a longer period of time, it can be considered to convert the credit line into a normal loan.

Not every person is granted a credit line, but only persons whose previous solvency is not doubted, otherwise the repayment of the money would be doubtful and could possibly even turn out for the bank. An examination in advance takes place; but it can never be completely ruled out, for. For example, if the customer was previously unknown to the bank or is new. Also, someone can suddenly get into financial distress through no fault of their own, for example through an accident, unemployment or divorce.

Then it is advisable to speak with the bank in any case first, to look for a solution to the problem. In addition, it may be advisable to seek a debt counseling service.

However, there are also loans in which the examination of the creditworthiness of the creditor is partially waived; So there is a repayment risk in advance. If such a loan is granted, the interest rate will of course be high. In such cases, lending may be subject to the condition of taking out a residual debt insurance or loan loss insurance. It may also be possible that no credit is granted to a bank.

It can then still private loans or founders are found, including, for example, from the family or circle of friends. The more collateral offered, the cheaper the loan term will be.

Also, borrowing requires certain conditions such as:
Of age, ability to work, a permanent residence, a secured income.
In any case, lending is left to the discretion of the bank, which will always ensure that the borrower (s) are as creditworthy as possible and that they can pay punctually at the agreed rate.

Start credit comparison

Looking for a cheap online loan? Then take a look at the comprehensive comparison calculator. Here you will find current online loan offers at low interest rates. At a glance, the offers of many large banks can be compared. With a few clicks, a preliminary and non-binding inquiry can be started. In addition to bank loans, there is also the possibility to apply for a personal loan or cash advance.

For consumer and mortgage loans, credit comparisons are increasingly being offered on Internet portals. Conducting a credit comparison online is extremely time-saving, very informative and extremely convenient. The result appears immediately on the screen. There is no need to even put one foot outside the door.

Before taking out a loan, it is always worthwhile to carry out a credit comparison. Comparing different loan offers online saves time and is very effective. The terms of the loans offered are presented clearly and can be compared very well. Questions such as what does the credit cost, how long does it run, what is the repayment required, will be answered. The goal is to identify the provider with the best terms for the desired loan.

How important is the credit rating?

When comparing the individual loan offers, it is important to know that the listed conditions only apply to customers with the best credit rating. The credit rating is the degree of creditworthiness of the debtor. It is based on the amount of current income, the size of the household and the availability of assets. Existing assets can be deposited as collateral and are of greater importance to lenders than current income.

Income may diminish unpredictably as a result of loss of employment, unemployment or illness. The assumptions regarding the creditworthiness of the respective debtor for the granting of certain conditions must be stated by the lender. Most of this information can be found in the fine print.

Good to know:
For the evaluation of a loan offer, they are, in addition to the offer itself, of utmost importance.
Debtors whose credit worthiness differs greatly from the creditworthiness required for the loan offer should in addition require several individualized bids from different lenders to actually select the cheapest loan.

Calculation of creditworthiness

The higher the credit rating, ie the creditworthiness, the lower the risk that the loan can no longer be repaid. Conversely, the lower the credit rating, the higher the likelihood of default. The interest rate is the price for the default risk. The higher the default risk, the higher it is. This means that as the credit rating decreases, so does the credit default risk, and hence the interest rate on the loan.

In other words:
The credit becomes more expensive. In addition to the interest rate, creditworthiness is also the decisive criterion as to whether a loan is even granted and, if so, in what amount.

In addition to the parameters already mentioned, such as income and wealth, creditworthiness is also determined to a large extent by incidents in the past. Unpaid loan installments or unpaid bills lead to negative private credit entries. Also, the overdrawing of checking accounts beyond the scope granted by the credit institution, lead to negative private credit entries.

Have your own financial situation in view

Before the actual loan comparison online on the home computer should therefore be an accurate and comprehensive analysis of your own financial situation. The disposable income must be compared with the fixed monthly expenditure. This comparison provides scope for future installment payments. For the amount of the loan and for the duration of the claim, the purpose is primarily decisive.

Is the loan used to finance a property or is it a consumer loan? Suppose a consumer loan is to be taken and the difference between disposable income and the fixed monthly cost is 200 euros, so this difference gives the maximum amount of the loan installment. In order to build in a risk buffer for unexpected cases, in this example a maximum of 100 euros is available for fixed monthly repayments.

Since a consumer loan should run for a maximum of five or six years, the maximum possible amount of loan repayment is deducted from the repayment until then, taking into account the possible interest rates.