The training loan and other financing

Apprentices and students are usually charged twice. You have to perform well and make a living. This often means that they invest precious learning time in a part-time job and so can not achieve good results in the training. However, the best possible results are an advantage when looking for a job. During apprenticeship training, the apprentice receives at least compensation, but this can only cover the most important expenses. Apprentices of a vocational school and students are not paid, but often have to pay high tuition fees. Therefore, they are often obliged to earn something on the side, because many parents can no longer pay for vocational training.

For these reasons, different financing options have been created, which adapt to the needs of trainees. One of them is the training loan. This includes all necessary costs for the entire vocational training and includes special conditions. Mostly the interest rate is much lower and some fees are gone. Thus, the borrower can fully concentrate on his teaching and achieve better results. These enable him then also a better job.

Another possibility is the purchase of Bafög. This is partly treated as a loan and must be repaid upon successful completion of the training. In addition, students can take out a corresponding loan, which also has special conditions. The repayment is also made here only after completion of studies and when taking up an activity.

With one of these funding options or even a combination of them, every graduate with a degree can learn the profession of his choice and does not have to cancel an important training for financial reasons. The repayments can usually be adjusted individually, and moreover, these are only after completion of the training by means of small monthly installments. Good job training is a prerequisite for high salaries.