Why hire a Rental Bond?

The Lease Bond is an instrument of guarantee, which allows the landlord (owner of the property), to be sure that the tenant (tenant) will cover the payment of the monthly rent.

It provides the legal certainty that the surety company will respond in the event of a default in the payment of said rents, so that the owner of the property is not affected.

The economic uncertainty and irregularities in the financial history of some people, often represent a risk for landlords, for this reason, today it is necessary to process a rental bond, which provides legal protection to property owners.

What is needed to process it?

What is needed to process it?

The cost of a Rental Bond is established based on the amount of the monthly rent and is valid for one year.

It is very important to know that to be able to process it, it is necessary that there is a contract in between and that the tenant or tenant present certain documentation, as well as a solvency file where your income level is reflected, can be by means of Payroll receipts or fees (bank statements are not accepted).

An essential requirement is to have a property free of charge, which will serve as a guarantee in case of failure to pay the rent.

The only way to guarantee this type of deposit in case of not having said property, is with a deposit equivalent to one year’s rent.

The management expenses for the investigation of the property, will also run by the tenant (the cost will depend on the location of the same).

Once you have these guarantees, you must collect the necessary documentation for the process of bonds, which varies if it is a physical or moral person.

Are you interested in renting a property? Regardless if it is for residential or commercial use, it guarantees the payment of the rent with a Rental Deposit!