Best small business loan -Save big and get the best business loan

Save big and get the best business loan

This implies almost the entire business network of our country, small companies in charge of carrying out its economy and that today finds serious difficulties in accessing sources of financing.

That is why many of them have seen Tips On How To Get The Best Small Business Loans that allow them to continue their activity.

More and smaller business loans are obtained through Personal Payday Lending or Crowdlending, and specifically in Good Finance. With this method you get loans for mini businesses, loans for small businesses, credits for small businesses, etc., without having to go through the procedures imposed by the bank.

Good Finance acts as a link between the company that needs financing and the investors who lend it their money in exchange for a return (which currently stands at around 7.5% in Good Finance).

Loans to small businesses through Crowdlending: The benefits

Loans to small businesses through Crowdlending: The benefits

Through this financial alternative, small businesses benefit from a series of advantages that other financing modalities, such as non-bank financing, provide:

Small businesses get fast and agile financing.

All requests for loans for mini businesses and credits for small businesses are analyzed in an average period of 48 hours after receiving the necessary documentation for their study. All this, at the click of a button and without the need for any type of movement.

Low cost of small business loan

Financing through loans to small businesses through Good Finance has a much lower cost than financing through banks. What is this about? Good Finance does not require credit applicants for small businesses – or anyone seeking financing – to hire additional services and products.

Loan for mini companies in Good Finance: A real case

As you know, many of the operations that our investors fund, belong to loans to small businesses, among others. So much so, that in this case the financing of a small company specialized in the development of machinery for the preparation of agricultural land that has a great trajectory, constituted more than 20 years ago, was funded. This company had a need for financing, which required the provision of funds with which to make an investment for the development of new agricultural machinery.

The term stipulated was a term of 3 years and a refund in the form of monthly installments, offering investors who decided to finance the project an interest of 8%. This company, which had the backing of its own partners, managed to solve its liquidity needs at the same time as it managed to make the investments of the people who trusted its project profitable. They all won!

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Loans without BIK installments Quick loan without BIK

Do you want to borrow money? Because of your negative credit history, did the bank dismiss you successfully? An alternative to a bank loan may be borrowing money from a loan company. Many of them, apart from popular payday loans, also grant installment loans.

Let’s check how much such loans cost and whether they can be taken with low scoring in BIK.
Although non-bank financial institutions are mainly associated with payday loans, many of them also grant installment loans. You can borrow up to USD 25,000 using non-bank lenders. Loan and Credit will give you such a loan.
If you need a lower amount, the choice of lenders will be much bigger.

How much do non-bank installment loans cost?

In the case of installment loans, it is not possible to borrow money for free. The customer will therefore have to pay standard fees when paying for a loan in installments. How much are Let’s see.
For the comparison to be as accurate as possible, let’s assume that the loan will amount to USD 3,000 and the repayment period – 12 months.

It is not possible to spread the loan repayment of USD 3,000 into 12 installments. Data refer to loan for 13 months.

There is no doubt that the cost of non-bank installment loans is relatively high. However, sometimes it is worth carrying them.

If money from a loan can significantly improve your life situation (e.g. enable you to take up a better job and increase your earnings), you may be justified to use the services of a non-bank lender.

However, remember to carefully analyze your financial capabilities before signing the loan agreement. Taking a loan you simply can’t afford can have severe consequences (not just for your wallet).

Do loan companies check BIK?


Some companies offering short-term loans look into the resources of BIK. Others do not check the credit history of customers, deriving knowledge only from the registers of Economic Information Bureaus.

What is the issue of BIK verification in installment loans?

Only Loan and Credit will grant you an installment loan without BIK.

All other lenders verify the resources of the Credit Information Bureau.

Will a negative BIK story prevent me from borrowing money?

Will a negative BIK story prevent me from borrowing money?

If you have an unfavorable credit history, you can also apply for a loan in installments from other loan companies. When testing their repayment capacity, they are not as restrictive as banks. With even a moderate amount of income from a stable source, you still have the chance to get extra money.

When analyzing a loan application, the lender takes into account several factors that determine a positive or negative decision.

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Borrowing News – Credit Competitor


 Borrowing money for the self-employed, if you are self-employed you may know how difficult that can be. Stock financing, financing of new tools, it is all quite difficult. How different is this with a car loan for the self-employed.
The car loan is easy to close. Where you have to supply piles of figures with every other form of borrowing money, we can guarantee that a car loan can be arranged quickly and easily. Annual figures? Not required in most cases.

Why so simple?

Why so simple?

It is hard to imagine that the banks are suddenly as flexible when it comes to financing. Fortunately the message is correct. The difference between a car loan for the self-employed and a ‘normal’ loan lies in the fact that there is clear collateral for this form of borrowing money. And because you always take out the loan with a personal loan, which also reduces the outstanding balance. Is there certainty that the value of the car and the amount of the loan will remain reasonably in proportion during the term of the loan.

Who is the owner of the car

Who is the owner of the car

With a car loan for the self-employed, you can opt for a financial lease or an operational lease. With a financial lease and the operational lease you are the economic owner. The most popular form is the financial lease. You then take out financing for the car, arrange the insurance yourself and also pay the road tax and any maintenance yourself. If you have repaid the loan in full, you are also the legal owner of the car.

Loan for the self-employed without hassle

Loan for the self-employed without hassle

If you take out a loan for a car you will find that borrowing real money is no hassle. Demonstrating your account statement and a valid driver’s license can be enough to make financing for your car or company bus possible. We cannot make it any easier for you!
Do you want to know what we can do for you? Contact us immediately and we will let you know immediately.

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Know the most common mistakes when applying for a business loan

When a business owner is faced with a strong financial challenge, one of the solutions for him may possibly be to apply for a business loan.

Contrary to common sense, generating such debt is not a sign of weakness – on the contrary, it can mean growth.

But to ensure that the loan does not become a headache, the business owner must take some care not to make management mistakes. In this way, tight financial control can leverage your business with the help of a well-planned loan.

Avoid the misconception that a bad loan may pose to your business. Check out some of the most common mistakes made by entrepreneurs and beware!

Make a loan without the real need

Entrepreneurs, especially small ones, usually make some management mistakes for lack of skill or experience in the subject. In such cases, the decision to borrow a business may be premature if not properly analyzed.

This type of misconception can lead to a number of difficult administrative pathologies to circumvent. Thus, the manager needs to be aware of some economic indicators that will help him choose the best time to apply for the loan. Check out:

  • liquidity ratio: represents the company’s ability to meet its obligations;
  • debt ratio: shows how much is spent on the company’s current obligations;
  • Profitability ratio on sales: represents the profit obtained from the production of its sales in each period;
  • Activity Index: Indicates the average time it takes the company to receive for its sales.

Careful analysis of these indicators will shed light on whether lending is indeed a viable tool for your business in the scenario in which it finds itself.

Owning a poor financial organization

Owning a poor financial organization

Lack of organization is inconvenient for any decision, but at the administrative level it is particularly dangerous. A good manager must maintain strict control of his financial operations to better manage the resources and obligations of his business.

If this control has financial planning errors, there is a high possibility of serious complications during the loan taking and use process. Thus, an economically organized manager can avoid the snowball effect on debt.

To assist you in this type of organization, there are several tools that keep you up to date on the economic situation of your company, such as:

  • electronic spreadsheets with periodic control;
  • personal notebook of the company;
  • Mobile financial apps that are efficient and can be viewed from anywhere.

Missing objectively when using loan

Debt cannot be made lightly, and in the case of a loan, strategic planning is needed to define where the money will be spent.

Often, entrepreneurs end up requesting more resources than necessary. To avoid such scenarios, you should resume your analysis with the economic performance indicators and direct in advance where you will apply it.

The resource acquired with the loan cannot be diverted to functions that were not previously thought of. In this way, the manager will avoid taking more than necessary with the bank, as he will be forced to use the money as intended, or will lack money.

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Real estate loan disbursement procedure

Getting a mortgage is sometimes a long and laborious operation. this is because the procedure for the disbursement of a mortgage is complex and involves a series of steps. The procedures for requesting and obtaining a real estate loan differ according to the credit institution and the type of loan requested. Most of the steps are common to all credit institutions, let’s see what they are and what needs to be done to proceed.


Mutual disbursement procedure: preliminary investigation

Mutual disbursement procedure: preliminary investigation

The first step is the opening of the preliminary investigation. The purpose of this step is to verify the feasibility of the loan before proceeding with the subsequent steps. A possible stop would preclude any subsequent step but it would also allow you not to go ahead spending time and money on other activities which, given the outcome, would be useless.

The applicant must present a loan application to the bank and provide the complete documentation relating to the property and its income. On the basis of the application and documentation presented, the bank will carry out checks on the situation

  • registry and family
  • financial
  • working
  • presence of guarantors
  • Credit Scoring
  • property value to buy

In the event of a positive feasibility opinion , the bank is not committed to granting the loan. Any discrepancies between the declarations presented and the subsequent verification of the documentation, or a negative appraisal may lead the bank to deny the concession.


Complete documentation for loan granting procedure

real estate loan

If the loan is feasible, the applicant is required to provide the complete documentation proving the statements made during the preliminary investigation and the supplementary documentation that the bank requires

  • registry
  • earnings
  • real estate

Registry documentation

  • identity card
  • fiscal Code
  • contextual certificate (family + residence + marital status + citizenship )
  • residence permit (non-EU)
  • extract from the marriage certificate
  • possible separation homologation or divorce sentence

Income documentation

  • type of work (employee or self-employed) and qualification
  • monthly and annual net income
  • CUD model (employees)
  • service certificate (employees)
  • photocopy of the last 2 pay slips (employees)
  • Unico model (autonomous)
  • photocopies of accounts (if self-employed)
  • debt situation statement

Motionless documentation

  • compromise or purchase proposal
  • act of origin
  • cadastral planimetry
  • certificate of habitability
  • energy class certificate
  • building permit if it is a new building

In any case, the bank can always ask for any supplementary documentation that changes depending on the case.


Guarantees to cover the loan

Guarantees to cover the loan

To obtain a loan, the bank asks the applicant for a guarantee. It is therefore necessary l ‘registration of a mortgage on the good that you intend to buy with the mortgage. For this reason the bank assigns an expert whose role is to ascertain that the value of the property justifies the granting of the loan by the bank.

First, the appraiser examines the documentation provided, then he will examine the property personally, and finally estimate the market value of the analyzed property . It should be borne in mind that the appraiser fee is paid by the person requesting the loan, so it is included in the expenses to be evaluated when choosing the loan.


Closure of the loan disbursement procedure

loan rate

Once all the necessary assessments have been completed, the investigation is closed and the bank decides whether to grant the requested loan or not. This phase usually takes some time: 7 to 15 days. If the documentation presented complies with what was declared at the application stage, in most cases the outcome is positive.

In some cases the application can still be rejected. In the event that the loan application is not accepted, the relationship between the bank and the applicant will be deemed concluded.

The causes that can lead to a negative outcome are verified debts or bank protests , or the registration as a bad payer in some database available to the bank.

If the loan request is accepted, the contract will be stipulated , which will formalize the clauses of the contract and the methods for returning the sum received. The loan contract will be accompanied by the drawing up of a capital amortization plan. This document will specify all the installments to be paid, the deadlines and the breakdown between capital and interest.

When the contractual conditions have been established and accepted by both parties, the bank will disburse the required monetary amount.

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We could do better on loan if we were more careful

Good Finance’s newly published analysis published interesting and, in many cases, surprising data on Hungarians’ financial habits. Here are some interesting points.

We repay on average 42 months

We repay on average 42 months

The Good Finance Scale Index also rose at the beginning of this year in terms of borrowing, consumption and savings. The confidence of Hungarians in financial service providers has continued to improve, and the borrowing and saving mood has been unprecedented .

Lending was driven last year by lower APR levels (around 5.5% to 5.7%) and bank loosening, as well as increased demand for loans.

The fact that many people are now using online comparators

56.6% of Hungarians make no reserves at all. Those who save, on the other hand, opt for a longer term loan than before, with an average savings period of 42 months.

When applying for a mortgage, three out of ten ask for a quote from only one bank , so they don’t compare products. The picture is shadowed by the fact that many people are now using online comparators, where they choose the loan or loan that suits them and then ask for a quote at a bank that favors them.

More than half of the people do not look at the conditions

Otherwise, 37 percent of customers do not review terms and conditions , and many may face unexpected obstacles later on.

We are the most aware of mortgage loans, with 63 percent knowingly choosing these products. In contrast to other types of loans, more than half of Hungarians do not even look at costs. The borrowing and saving mood has been unprecedented.

The Hungarian population is a productive saver, that is, they put it down with just one kind of product. Confidence in government securities is high: compared to 2008, the proportion of government securities among savings forms almost doubled.

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PPB carefree loan fixed rate and constant rate

The PPB carefree loan is designed for those who choose security and always want to pay the same amount for the duration of the loan, with the certainty of planning the amount of the financial commitment.

It is a fixed rate mortgage and therefore the monthly installments are constant. Ideal for those who do not want surprises, especially for salaried workers who can thus allocate a certain portion of their salaries to the mortgage payment.


Installment of the carefree mortgage PPB


The installment of this product of PPB Paribas group will have the same amount for the entire repayment period . This means that, with the progressive increase in salaries, the installment will always be easier to pay. The frequency of the installments is monthly


Carefree Loan Amortization Plan

Loan Amortization Plan

The amortization plan with installments consisting of a principal and a portion of interest fixed at the time the loan agreement is stipulated. The amortization plan is French and therefore includes the decreasing interest rate and the increasing capital share.


Duration PPB Carefree Mortgage

mortgage loan

The durations are fixed in multiples of 5 years . As a rule, therefore, the durations are 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years. In the negotiation phase it is however possible to ask for different durations but in any case not less than 5 years and not more than 30.


Purpose of this mortgage

Purpose of this mortgage

PPB’s carefree loan can be requested both for property purchases and for their restructuring . This product can also be provided in the event of subrogation of the loan already in place with other credit institutions. With carefree mortgage you can ask for up to 75% of the value of the property to be purchased.


Requirements for delivery

Requirements for delivery

To obtain this loan, you must have prerequisites that if not satisfied preclude any possibility. The age of the applicant at the time of stipulation must be at least 18 years, while the one foreseen for the term of the loan cannot exceed 80 years.

For example, a 50-year-old cannot apply for a 30-year mortgage because his age at maturity would exceed the 80-year limit.

From a working point of view, the carefree loan can be paid to permanent workers who have passed the trial period, and to a freelancer.

The residence can be

  • Italy
  • Vatican CITY
  • Republic of San Marino

If you are not an Italian citizen, you must have been resident in Italy for at least 5 years.

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