20 best gifts to give to your in-laws in 2021


Plain and simple, giving gifts can be difficult. Add in-laws to the equation? Forget that. But don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of items that are sure to make you score points with your stepmom and stepdad. Whether it’s the holiday season, anniversary, or anniversary, gifts are a great opportunity to show that you care about your second set of parents with a truly caring gift from the heart. Below, check out 20 stylish gifts for your in-laws. From practical to sentimental, there is something for everyone.

Collage photo frame

Improve your family knowledge with this multi-photo frame. Filling it with photos you know to be special to them, like wedding portraits or vacation photos, makes for a sentimental yet affordable gift. Every time your in-laws see it, they’ll remember not only a great memory, but 24 – and afterwards, your thoughtfulness.

MasterClass subscription


$ 180 annual subscription

You know all about their hobbies, now help them dive even deeper into the things they love. With a wide range of expert offerings, MasterClass will allow your step-parent to turn this passion project into a real skill set.

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“The Journey” record player

This one is for parents who have never given up on this (awesome) vinyl collection. With the recent resurgence of record players, finding high-quality turntables is a snap. Get ready to help bring those records out of the attic, because the music lover in your life will love this awesome and nostalgic gift.

Childrens Drawn Art

If there are grandchildren in the life of your in-laws, there is nothing they would love more than to see the children’s drawings turned into real works of wall art.

Vin Winc subscription

$ 39 per month for 3 bottles (plus shipping). $ 13 each for additional bottles.

A gift that continues to be offered year round, the Winc Wine Membership is a fantastic gift for casual drinkers and wine sommeliers. Winc selects wines based on the recipient’s tastes and preferences and continually re-evaluates based on his comments on each box.

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Urban Map Glass

These engraved tumbler glasses are both practical and useful for just about anyone. Get a set of two with each of their hometowns, or get creative selecting the city they met or their favorite place to travel.

BarkBox subscription

From $ 23 / month

So you married one of their prides and joys, but what about their other favorite child? That’s right, a sure way in anyone’s heart is through their pet. Spoil their beloved Fido, and they will surely appreciate you for it. BarkBox sends out seasonal themed boxes filled with creative treats, toys and other pet accessories.

Aero garden

If your in-laws are avid gardeners, they’ll enjoy reaping the rewards from this countertop planter during the off-season. Fortunately, however, the Aerogardens are just as perfect for those who are not to the green thumb. They are simple to use and require little to no effort, making them a great option for those who like to cook with fresh ingredients.

Propane gas fireplace table

Chances are, your in-laws value quality family time above all else. So give yourself the gift of getting together with a fireplace, like this one that comes with a glass windshield, and they will enjoy it for many cozy nights to come.

Seasonal Crown Subscription

A seasonal wreath subscription is a festive and fun gift that your in-laws probably wouldn’t afford, but coming from you it creates a lovely way to adorn their home all year round.

Cuisinart 20 piece deluxe grill set

Is this 20-piece set much more complete than your brother-in-law needs? Probably yes. But it’s definitely time to upgrade that rusty spatula and broken pliers.

Dockside bar

If your in-laws are the happiest when they’re on the water, upgrade their boat with this mountable “boat bar” that holds everything from handfuls of booze and 30-ounce tumblers to 12-ounce cans and even more. No more cleaning up spilled solo cups on day trips to the lake!

Custom Engraved Porch Swing

What could be sweeter than a porch swing? Mostly one engraved with the last name. This swing will lend itself to porch hours and will definitely be a hit with grandchildren. Bonus points if you hang it for them.

Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner

While it might not be glamorous, sometimes a practical gift is the best gift. If your MIL or FIL wears glasses and constantly takes them off to wipe the lenses with their shirt or a small square of microfiber cloth, go for this convenient and effective lens cleaner. They’ll definitely use it, and its compact design means it’s stylish enough to slip into a pocket.

3d stadium coasters set

It really is a gift for your two in-laws. Your sports-loving stepdad represents his team, and your stepmom will be delighted to have (finally) used a coaster. In addition, the 3D design of these makes them even more unique. Team options are available for the NFL, NHL, MLB and college levels.

Brumate Hopsulator Trio 3-in-1

Whether your in-laws prefer long-necked bottles, a classic can of coke, or thin cans of hard seltzer, Brumate has a style and fit to keep their drink preferably perfectly iced.

Williams Sonoma Breakfast Butter

It may not sound so exciting, but it is almost guaranteed that your in-laws will love it forever. Here’s how it works: the base is filled with cold water, and the top is filled with butter. When closed, the water helps form an airtight seal, which keeps the butter cool while the jar is not refrigerated. The result? Perfectly spreadable butter, All the time. No hassle, no fuss, no microwave or leaving to stand until room temperature. This giveaway is a serious crowd pleaser.

Cork globe of the world traveler

Globe-trotting in-laws will love this physical representation of all the places they’ve been.

Signature hemmed sheet set

High quality linens are hard to find and even harder to beat as a gift. No one wants to spend their hard earned money on buying new linens for themselves. Boll & Branch’s best-selling sets are sure to give your in-laws the dreamiest night’s sleep.

Bamboo bathtub tray

Offering to pamper yourself is always a good idea. When it comes to pampering and relaxing, a bath tray is a game-changer.

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