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Bahrain is set to welcome 2022 by lighting up its sky and the hearts and minds of the people here with sparkling fireworks. The COVID-19 pandemic, which took the world by storm in 2020, had cast a dark shadow over the birth of 2021, with celebrations remaining a deaf issue around the world. To ensure the safety and health of people, the nations of the world put aside plans last year to make their skies burst with color.

Bahrain had also canceled its New Year’s fireworks display in 2020 to avoid overcrowding and help curb the spread of the virus. At that time, BTEA said it had canceled the party to support the state’s efforts to fight the pandemic.

“Solidarity with the front lines in the fight against the coronavirus will bring life back to normal and return to celebrations,” BTEA said. However, as 2021 draws to a close, the scene is much better. The world had also regained much of its lost energy and enthusiasm.

The changing health situation, supported by intense vaccination programs, is now bringing the world back to usual life, but with caution. Bahrain has also come a long way in adjusting to the new normal.

A tender issued by the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority says Bahrain is moving forward with plans to burst its skies in thrilling colors as 2022 sets foot on the planet. BTEA is looking for proposals from highly qualified companies for New Year’s “Fireworks Management” 2022.

BTEA said it looks forward to “building on the success of the previous New Years Eve edition to maximize its potential and success.” If you are interested in accepting the job, make your offers before October 31, 2021, with a deposit of 1,000 BD and a submission fee of 50 BD.

In addition, BTEA had also launched a call for tenders inviting companies to submit proposals for the New Year’s Eve 2022 “Management of events and entertainment”. Interested companies must make offers before October 31, 2021, with a deposit of 1,000 BD and a tender fee of 50 BD.

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