31-year-old gang member gets fatal shooting of 13-year-old


MOUNT VERNON, NY – A man from Mount Vernon has been convicted of the murder of 13-year-old basketball star Shamoya McKenzie on New Years Eve 2016.

David Hardy, aka “Mooka,” was sentenced to 31 years in prison for McKenzie’s murder in 2016 and his involvement in a shootout in 2012, US lawyer Audrey Strauss announced today. In July 2021, co-defendant Marquis Collier was sentenced to 27 years in prison for his participation in the McKenzie murder.

“Nothing can reverse the senseless murder of Shamoya McKenzie, an innocent young woman, or the trauma suffered by her mother, who witnessed it,” Strauss said. “Justice demands that those responsible be held accountable, as were Marquis Collier and now David Hardy. Both will spend decades in federal prison for their crimes, rightly so.”

Hardy, a member of the Mount Vernon gang called the Goonies, intended to kill rival gang member Prince Scott, but shot McKenzie after firing a 9mm gun multiple times.

The Goonies have been engaged in a long-standing and violent feud with several rival Mount Vernon street gangs, including, among others, the “Boss Playa Family”, the “Get Money Gangstas”, the “Gunnas” and the ” Much Better Gang, “according to federal investigators. On December 31, 2016, Hardy, Collier and two other Goonies members attempted to assassinate a rival gang member in broad daylight by firing several shots at him near the house. Tecumseh Avenue and Third Street in Mount Vernon.

Hardy fired the shots, with Collier by his side.

The rival gang member suffered gunshot wounds but survived. One of the bullets, however, missed the intended target and hit the head of McKenzie, 13, who was in the front passenger seat of a passing car driven by his mother.

Shamoya McKenzie died of her injury.

Jermaine Hughley and Sincere Savoy, also members of the Goonies, are still awaiting sentencing for their role in the violent events that night.

“Today’s Federal Judge Sentencing of David Hardy, whose reckless disregard for human life caused the senseless death of innocent 13-year-old girl Shamoya McKenzie, closes a long and brutal chapter for the mother , family, friends and the community of Shamoya, “Westchester County Prosecutor Miriam Rocah said in a statement issued shortly after sentencing. “It was an honor and a privilege to know Shamoya’s mother and those who knew her, first as a federal prosecutor and now as a district attorney. Shamoya’s untimely death, thanks to the Shamoya McKenzie Foundation, Moms Demand Action, and so many others, has been a unifying force in ridding our streets of gun and gang violence. We will continue to fight for justice in her honor. “

The case went to federal court, in part because the Goonies street gang was seen as a racketeering business.


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