Aiken Superintendent Proposes Modified Academic Calendar


AIKEN COUNTY, SC (WRDW / WAGT) – During Tuesday’s meeting of the Aiken County Board of Education, Superintendent King Laurence brought up the idea of ​​a modified school calendar. With the modified school calendar, students will have a six-week summer break and the start of the school year would occur between mid-July or early August.

A traditional calendar and a modified calendar both have students in school 180 days a year and teachers working 190 days a year, meeting the requirements of laws and state statutes. A modified schedule allows for additional breaks during the school year to help balance school time and breaks. After every nine weeks there would be a two week break for students and staff.

District statement on the amended academic calendar:

The Aiken County Public School District is joining with other school districts across the state and country to explore the idea of ​​a modified school calendar for the school year. This concept was first mentioned at the Education Council meeting on October 26, 2021. No decision has been made and nothing is being implemented yet. As the district administration is in the early stages of discussions, we look forward to working with all stakeholders to hear their thoughts and ideas on this possibility. We have prepared a frequently asked questions (FAQ) sheet which can be found on the district website under the community channel or by clicking on here.

Over the next few weeks, we will provide the community with an opportunity to participate in the discussion. We will be interviewing community stakeholders for feedback, hosting town hall listening sessions, and meeting with stakeholder advisory groups to enable a diverse group that represents all areas of County Public Schools to ‘Aiken to share the conversation and exploration.

Students, families and employees of Aiken County Public Schools are encouraged to submit any questions regarding an amended schedule to [email protected]. Our team will endeavor to answer all questions as quickly as possible.

As a reminder, no decision has been made regarding the implementation of an amended timeline, and we look forward to sharing more details with stakeholders through various means, including on our website, social media platforms, robocalls, text messages and emails.

The Aiken County School District explains the idea and rationale for a modified school calendar in more detail in this FAQ presentation:

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