Avery Sampson’s 2nd annual effort on Christmas bikes for kids is underway at Pahrump


Last year, as the Christmas season approached after many difficult months of pandemic chaos, young Avery Sampson found herself with a burning desire to do something special to help other children in her community. have a wonderful vacation.

Never having undertaken such a business before, she started small by raising money so that she could buy bikes to give to her fellow youth, and set her goal of just 15 bikes. By the time Christmas had arrived, however, word of her efforts had spread and she was able to exceed that goal by far, with a total of 54 bikes presented to children all around the valley, along with a few skateboards and scooters and dozens of toys. What started out as a simple idea has turned out to be a hugely successful business and with the accomplishments of the past year under her belt she is ready to embark on her second annual Christmas Bike Fundraiser for Kids. , this year with a much bigger goal.

“The past year has been so amazing and it has left me with so many happy memories of the children that I was able to help,” Sampson, who is only nine, told the Pahrump Valley Times. “This year I have set a goal of over 100 bikes and I really want to help as many families as possible.”

Her father, Scott Sampson, was obviously delighted with his daughter’s generosity in 2020 and he is very excited about her wish to continue the effort, not only this year but for many years to come. Seeking partnerships to help make the Bikes for Kids Christmas effort even more successful than last year, he landed on a local organization that seemed perfectly suited, the Kiwanis Club of Pahrump Valley.

“This year we are working with the Pahrump Kiwanis Club and would also like to help some local charities. We are also considering donating bicycles to host families, so that the children they welcome have bikes to ride, ”Scott explained. “As a parent, I couldn’t be more proud of Avery than I already am. She is truly an extraordinary little girl. This year we are accepting donations on GoFundMe again and will also be accepting cash donations and new bikes if there are people who would prefer to donate this way.

Scott noted that the two are currently working on a plan to create a way for families to sign up to receive a bike this year and ensure the gifts reach the hands of the kids who really need them.

Those wishing to donate cash to the cause can do so through Avery’s GoFundMe page by researching “Avery’s 2nd Annual Christmas Bike Fundraiser for Kids” or by sending a check to the Pahrump Kiwanis Club. , which is tax deductible. Checks should be made payable to the Kiwanis Club of Pahrump Valley with “Avery’s Bike Fundraiser” in the note line.

Additionally, the Sampsons have created a Venmo account that can also be donated, the QR code, which is included with this item. All Venmo donations must also contain the words “Bikes for Kids”.

For more information contact the Sampsons at [email protected]

Contact reporter Robin Hebrock at [email protected]

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