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The Brandon Park Music Pavilion, the half-moon shaped amphitheater and stage for outdoor music concerts, holiday shows and annual Past Tree Day celebrations, is in the works to be rehabilitated.

The city council’s finance committee addressed the issue of repairs on Tuesday by passing a resolution to hire Gannett Fleming as a design inspection firm for about $ 30,000. He did so with a positive recommendation.

But city councilors Liz Miele, chair of the committee, and city councilor Bonnie Katz, urged the administration to make it clear to Gannett Fleming to prioritize repair needs based on a limit of $ 280,000, which corresponds the amount available to the city for construction costs.

Gannett Fleming, who began the inspection in a previous administration, said the stage floor was cracked, the front wall needed to be rebuilt, random sections of brick needed to be replaced and repointed, and the roof and gable had to be replaced, according to Jon Sander, city engineer.

Problems exist with humidity inside the structure, and accessibility improvements to and inside the facility need to be made, he added. An elevator or ramp can be installed on the side or rear of the facility, Sander said. The band’s shell may require an electrical upgrade to meet current code standards, he said.

This long list of projects and the knowledge of how the cost of materials and labor increases daily prompted immediate reactions of concern from Miele and Katz.

“Understand that the city has a limited amount of funding”, Miele said.

“When they diagnose bandshell needs, we need the priorities and need to have the facility up and running for $ 280,000, which is available in construction funds,” Katz said.

Unless the administration offers funding such as it has in the $ 25.4 million US bailout fund, the two women have asked the administration to ensure that the inspection takes place. focuses on priority repairs that match what is available for construction.

The bandshell is a historic structure built in 1913 by Jacob Gehron, according to Brandon Park Commission minutes provided by Bonita C. Mahoney, the town’s former recreation manager.

The inauguration ceremony of what was then a music pavilion took place on June 16, 1914. On that day, an estimated crowd of 8,000 attended. The crowd in the park was entertained by the Repasz Band and the United German Singers. The cost of constructing the structure was $ 2,500.

Over the years, the bandshell has become the site of the Mayor’s annual Community Sing, which was started by Mayor Leo C. Williamson, and the event was continued in the 1960s and revived by Mayor Gabriel J. Campana. in 2008.

The facility was officially dedicated as the Dr. Kenneth L. Cooper band shell on April 25, 2008, in honor of the physician who has served on the Brandon Park Commission since 1972 and helped form the Shade Tree Commission in 1993.

It has been a focal point in the park and continues to be a location for Arbor Day celebrations, special events, and the Winter Festival of Lights ahead of the holiday season.

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