Best small business loan -Save big and get the best business loan

Save big and get the best business loan

This implies almost the entire business network of our country, small companies in charge of carrying out its economy and that today finds serious difficulties in accessing sources of financing.

That is why many of them have seen Tips On How To Get The Best Small Business Loans that allow them to continue their activity.

More and smaller business loans are obtained through Personal Payday Lending or Crowdlending, and specifically in Good Finance. With this method you get loans for mini businesses, loans for small businesses, credits for small businesses, etc., without having to go through the procedures imposed by the bank.

Good Finance acts as a link between the company that needs financing and the investors who lend it their money in exchange for a return (which currently stands at around 7.5% in Good Finance).

Loans to small businesses through Crowdlending: The benefits

Loans to small businesses through Crowdlending: The benefits

Through this financial alternative, small businesses benefit from a series of advantages that other financing modalities, such as non-bank financing, provide:

Small businesses get fast and agile financing.

All requests for loans for mini businesses and credits for small businesses are analyzed in an average period of 48 hours after receiving the necessary documentation for their study. All this, at the click of a button and without the need for any type of movement.

Low cost of small business loan

Financing through loans to small businesses through Good Finance has a much lower cost than financing through banks. What is this about? Good Finance does not require credit applicants for small businesses – or anyone seeking financing – to hire additional services and products.

Loan for mini companies in Good Finance: A real case

As you know, many of the operations that our investors fund, belong to loans to small businesses, among others. So much so, that in this case the financing of a small company specialized in the development of machinery for the preparation of agricultural land that has a great trajectory, constituted more than 20 years ago, was funded. This company had a need for financing, which required the provision of funds with which to make an investment for the development of new agricultural machinery.

The term stipulated was a term of 3 years and a refund in the form of monthly installments, offering investors who decided to finance the project an interest of 8%. This company, which had the backing of its own partners, managed to solve its liquidity needs at the same time as it managed to make the investments of the people who trusted its project profitable. They all won!

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