Cool World vintage retail store arrives in Gordon Square


CLEVELAND, Ohio – Artist, musician, curator and event planner Haley Himiko Hudson Morris will combine many of her skills in her new showcase called Himiko’s Cool World. The store is slated to open in the Gordon Square neighborhood of Cleveland at 6511 Detroit Avenue in early fall.

Morris has established herself in most of Cleveland’s artistic scenes, whether as the lead singer of post-punk band Pleasure Leftists, or as the host of Mahall’s New Years Eve and Club Kidz parties for years. 90, or as a creator of dynamics and statements. jewelry and fashion manufacturing through its Memorabilia Productions online store.

Now she will firmly establish herself in the retail sphere with Cool World – a store that will feature her original jewelry and clothing, as well as vintage selections from other vendors, newspapers and notebooks, and rental opportunities. for its unique party decor.

Much will focus on the ’80s, with colorful statement pieces, carefully curated by the eye of Morris.

“My daily life, I am happy to find vintage decor. My favorite eras are the ’70s and’ 80s, especially the ’80s -‘ 80s decor, totally over the top, kind of fun kitschy decor and furnishings, ”Morris said. “The store itself and my studio have an 80s playground vibe, and I’m a huge fan of designing dance clubs, so it will have a lot of fun with color changing lighting, blocks of glass, a whimsical decor. ”

Although Cool World is a new entity, Morris said she has been hoping to open a storefront for over a decade. Ten years ago, she planned to open a paper mill in the developing Hingetown neighborhood of Cleveland, but the business was unsuccessful.

In 2018 Morris opened a pop-up holiday store next to Hausfrau Record Store (owned by Pleasure Leftists group Steve Pfeffer). In 2019, she opened her studio in the Ingenuity Cleveland’s Hamilton Collaborative building, but ran into problems due to a slowdown in winter activity and the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the cancellation of IngenuityFest in space. .

When Morris heard about a possible storefront opening in Gordon Square, in the former Land of Plenty store space, she jumped at the chance by sending in her business plan, which was accepted within a week. Cool World will occupy half of the former Land of Plenty space, with another vintage sports-focused store, “My Cousin Vintage,” taking over the other half, Morris said.

Opening a store is moving away from organizing events, which is typically a large part of Morris’ job in Cleveland. But the change was welcome, given the effects of the pandemic on the events industry, Morris said.

“I feel like a store is something that I don’t think is about having 300 people in a room,” Morris said. “It’s a little more intimate, it’s something that I can turn on the part of planning and decorating events that I really love, and have it in a smaller space, just for a few people. at a time.”

Morris still plans to hold events, but remains hesitant as COVID-19 continues to affect entertainment scenes in Cleveland. While her plans for future dance parties are on hiatus, she is set to reprise her role as party host at Mahall’s in the future.

“I’m not ready to hit the gas, but I’m not closing the door,” Morris said. “I tried to ask myself, ‘Do I want to go back there, immediately, or do I want to wait and feel it and wait until I’m ready to try to reproduce some kind of version of what my life before the pandemic? It was hard.

Cool World is a way for Morris to track all of their interests, in one physical store – and the location of that store couldn’t have been better, Morris said.

“I’ve lived on the near West Side my entire adult life,” Morris said. “I always thought Gordon Square was great, because it’s in my neighborhood, but there is so much variety of culture and things to do. There is a cinema, theaters, cafe, record store, ice cream, and it’s also close to the beach which is amazing. It’s a kind of paradise, when I describe it to myself.

She continued, “I’m really excited to join this community because it’s my community.”

Morris estimated that the store will be open by the end of September or early fall. You can find more information about Cool World and Morris’ designs on their website,

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