Foley begins to explore options for a new library


Foley is starting the process of building a new library on municipal property near the city center in hopes of starting construction sometime in 2023.

During the working session of October 18, the council discussed several service proposals including obtaining ADEM approval for the site, geotechnical and topographic surveys and architectural services. The parcel is on East Orange Avenue to the north and East Myrtle Avenue to the south and east of State Route 59.

“At this point, we really don’t have specific details and that’s what we’re going to spend this year creating,” said city administrator Michael Thompson. “The idea, however, is to build a new library to meet the needs and services of our city, and the current library would become an administrative building on the city campus for the office space needs of various departments as the city ​​continues to grow. “

In fiscal year 2022, the city will pay for all services to determine the viability of the site and start exploring possible designs for the new building.

“If the board chooses to go ahead with construction in fiscal 2023,” Thompson said.

Foley actually owns three parcels of property in the area, the largest having East Orange Avenue to the north, East Myrtle Avenue to the south, the right-of-way of South Chicago Street to the west, and South Cypress Street to the east. The Symbol Medical Clinic which serves Foley Town employees is located at the northwest corner of this plot.

The second is bordered on the east by the right-of-way of South Chicago Street and on the west by an alley. It contains the Foley Dog Park and an accompanying parking lot that also serves downtown stores. Foley also has parking on State Route 59 or South McKenzie Street between Bungalows and the Napa Auto Parts store.

During the working session, the council discussed:

  • Annexed property owned by Flowers 8 at the southwest corner of County Road 12 and State Road 59 in the town of Foley.
  • Declare the engineering building as surplus and grant the deed to the South Baldwin Chamber of Commerce for its operations.
  • A special event liquor license from Blooms 4 You for the Chocolate and Cheese Festival November 13 at Heritage Park.
  • A liquor license for Popshelf Store for off-premises sales at 23570 S. McKenzie St.
  • A resolution calling for the purchase of Southern Software’s mobile data information system for $ 42,455.
  • A resolution approving an agreement with the Mobile County Commission Southwest Alabama Regional Road Safety Office (CTSP) Community Road Safety Program for overtime reimbursement for fiscal year 2021-2022 for the additional work of the Foley Police Department on traffic details.
  • A resolution approving the use of the Heritage Park and Pavilion for Michelle Szidon with Acceptance Insurance to host a movie night in the park for the children of the community.
  • A resolution waiving fees for the use of Mel Roberts Park for Andrea Overstreet and Faith Tabernacle to host a community church community.
  • A resolution to accept the ADCNR grant to update the complete Northwest Quadrant plan for $ 20,000 to complete the city plan update. This area includes the expanding South Baldwin Regional Medical Center, Foley Municipal Airport, UTC Aerospace Systems / Rockwell Collins, M1 – light industrial district and US 98.
  • A resolution allocating additional funds for the purchase of a new bathroom / pavilion at Mel Roberts Park and permission to bid and buy with a price of approximately $ 180,000. These bathrooms will serve the park’s tennis and basketball courts.
  • A resolution approving the purchase of a 2023 custom fire pump for the Foley Fire Department. The initial cost was $ 611,440, but the city got a 100% prepayment discount of $ 19,179, bringing the cost of the new truck to $ 592,261.
  • A resolution commemorating the conclusion of an interlocal agreement between government entities in Florida and Alabama for the acceptance and treatment of source-separated recyclable materials. Foley will send the separated recyclables to Emerald Coast Utilities Authority for resale.
  • A proposal to authorize two additional fireworks at OWA for Saturday November 20 for the Christmas tree lighting ceremony and Friday December 31 for a New Year celebration.
  • A resolution approving FY21 equipment not received at year end, including lights and other accessories for two 2021 Silverado pickups for code enforcement and lights and accessories for five Silverado pickups for police service.
  • A resolution to buy a zero-turn mower for the natural parks department at a cost of $ 10,999 plus about $ 8,900 for a 52-inch mowing deck.
  • A resolution approving an intergovernmental service agreement for the use of county voting machines and the services of the warden and employees of the county voting machine for municipal elections.
  • Resolutions renouncing A. Clyde Abrams from the Foley Building Authority, Foley Library Authority, Foley Public Park & ​​Recreation Authority and Foley Redevelopment Authority, appointing Dr Brett Taylor to the Library Advisory Board and appointing Rick Blackwell to the Public Athletic and Sports Facilities Cooperative District and the cooperative district of public culture and entertainment facilities.
  • A resolution approving the conclusion of the FBI Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) overtime reimbursement agreement.
  • Two resolutions setting public hearing dates to report weeds at 312 W. Marigold Ave. and at 1608 S. Oak St. a public nuisance and ordering the cutting or removal of weeds.
  • A resolution amending the salary classification plan and authorizing the transfer of funds for job analyzes in library, marketing and general administration services.
  • A resolution to increase the budgeted commercial funds for sanitation for dumpsters. According to city documents, $ 500,000 was budgeted for the dumpsters, but the quote was $ 799,970. A request was made for an additional amount of $ 300,000.
  • A resolution allocating funds for a reel mower for the sports tourism fields of Foley for $ 66,215.
  • A resolution to purchase three security door systems for Public Works for $ 9,582.

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