Ligonier shines brightly during the winter holiday season, with classic charm and distinct boutiques

On a snowy day, the drive from Greensburg to Ligonier is a picturesque array of Christmas imagery, as Route 30 winds along Loyalhanna Creek through the winter woods.

When visitors arrive in the Ligonier borough, the bend on route 711 opens up a well-lit lane leading to the borough’s centerpiece, the Diamond bandstand. That wouldn’t be out of place in a Norman Rockwell Christmas painting, and Ligonier Chamber of Commerce executive director Amy Beitel said she regularly gets calls from people who have heard the borough’s reputation in as a “Hallmark Holiday Movie City Come to Life”.

“There are so many great reasons why Ligonier is such a wonderful place for holiday shopping,” Beitel said. “I think the bandstand is the heart and soul of the city. All year round you can see so many people coming for different reasons. My family has our annual vacation photo taken there.

In fact, Ligonier was named one of the best “Iconic Christmas Towns” in a recent poll, coming in fourth, and along with Telluride, Colorado, and Jackson, Wyo.

As the holidays move into high gear, the Borough has a lot to offer residents and visitors alike. Whether it’s shops with unique items not often found in other locations, the quaint, walkable downtown, or the full list of holiday events that kicks off November 26 with “Light Up Ligonier,” the community apparently has something for everyone.

House Marketing Committee Chairman Bryan Jarrell considers Ligonier a national treasure. “When I was younger everyone wanted to go somewhere a little more urban, building these livable, walkable communities, but I got tours from Brooklyn and say, ‘Wow, that’s the kind something that people move to Williamsburg for, ‘”he said, referring to the working-class neighborhood of Brooklyn with an active street life. “I think that’s part of what makes us special.”

After lighting up the Diamant on Friday at 6:30 p.m., the borough and the chamber will organize a gingerbread house competition from December 3 to 12, a city-wide open house on December 5 and the 31st annual festival. of Ligonier ice cream with more than 50 ice sculptures. around town January 22-23.

During the holiday season, local businesses will also donate an item that will be unveiled in a store window during “Light Up Ligonier”. Raffle tickets cost $ 2 and items will be drawn on December 28.

“There are just a lot of great traditions, and we didn’t just invent them to get people to visit,” Jarrell said. “We love them, and if people want to join us, that’s great.”

Located between Loyalhanna and Mill creeks, the borough already has the beauty of nature on its side, and an active bedroom helps contribute to a vibrant business community.

This includes the dedication of a large group of volunteers, without whom the many holiday events of the chamber would not be possible.

From the teen volunteers who help decorate the diamond to the Ligonier football players who recently helped work at Ligonier Beach, “I think they are learning from the adults they see doing it,” Beitel said. “And I know who I can turn to for the different things we do that require volunteers. “

Jarrell agreed.

“Volunteering here is off the charts,” he said. “There is a feeling that everyone is getting involved because they are interested in preserving what makes Ligonier, Ligonier.”

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