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Mojang held its annual meeting Minecraft community event earlier today as we got to find out a lot of what they had to come at Minecraft Live 2021. This year’s event took place online again, much like before due to the pandemic still ongoing. The two-hour plus event reviewed some of the interesting things the team has been working on and what fans can expect over the next calendar year. We’ve received notes from the developers below on what they covered, including video of the entire show, as well as more detailed notes. here.

Credit: Mojang
  • Introducing the wild update. The Mojang Studios team has heard the call of the great outdoors, and in 2022, we’re excited to bring The Wild Update players to Minecraft. This free update will introduce new game mechanics, depth, and of course new blocks and monsters, including updated mud, mangroves, swamps, frogs, and frog eggs! Players will also be able to place chests on ships.
  • Step into the deep darkness. The team announced that the Deep Dark biome and the Hostile Director mob will launch alongside the wild update next year, and has shared a reimagined look at the cities of this complex new biome.
  • Caves and Cliffs: Part II to come. Divide our biggest Minecraft The two-part update to date allowed Mojang’s team to incorporate community feedback and fan art to make the second installment of the update even more impressive. Caves & Cliffs: Part II will launch later this year.
  • Minecraft Java and Bedrock are coming to Game Pass for PC on November 2. The PC Pack for Xbox Game Pass for PC will bring together Minecraft: Java Edition and Minecraft (Bedrock) in a new Unified PC Launcher on November 2, available exclusively through Game Pass for PC.
  • welcome to Minecraft Dungeons: Seasonal Adventures. Laura De Llorens and John-Philip (JP) Johanson from Minecraft dungeons The team has revealed planned updates to the game, including the launch of Seasonal Adventures. The first season will be The Cloudy Climb, featuring the Tower and Adventure Center, coming in December of this year.
  • And the winner of the Mob Vote 2021 is… Allay! Fans have voted and the Allay will travel to Minecraft. The Allay is a peaceful, cute, and helpful crowd who love to collect items and love music. The Allay collects items that match what it contains, bringing those collected items to the player. If a notepad is playing nearby, the Allay places the items there.
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