Peter Weber reveals why Kelley Flanagan Romance felt ‘unnatural’


Bachelor alum Peter Weber explains why his relationship with Kelley Flanagan seemed “unnatural.” Peter directed season 24 of The Bachelor.

The single person Alum Peter Weber reveals why his relationship with Kelley Flanagan fell apart. Peter and Kelley met before Peter’s season The single person, but after she went to compete for her heart, their relationship didn’t take the normal path that fans are used to seeing. Peter initially proposed to Hannah Ann Sluss, before breaking off their engagement to runner-up Madison Prewett. Peter and Madison reconciled on After the final rose special, to break up shortly after. Peter then reconnected with Kelley and continued a relationship with her after his breakup with Madison. Peter and Kelley broke up once before they were reconciled, to bring things to an end again.

Kelley also opened up on why things with Peter ended. On their first date in their relationship after the show, Kelley told the chicks in the office podcast that she had to convince herself that some of Peter’s interests were hers. While going out and partying were Peter’s interests, she knew they weren’t hers. She also asked him not to announce their first breakup until 2021, but Peter brought it up on New Years Eve. They reconciled on Valentine’s Day, but Kelley found out something unknown about her. Peter who was a breakup for her, and things ended terribly between the old Bachelor stars.

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Peter recently explained what was wrong with his side. “It’s not natural that so many people are so interested in your relationship [and to] have every move, like, scrutinized, said Pierre Us weekly to have a relationship in the limelight. He said he and Kelley tried to keep their relationship quiet at first because they didn’t want all the exposure on their new romance. “You don’t want, for example, the whole Bach Nation to give its opinion on this. … [But] you can’t escape it,“said Pierre.

Although Peter doesn’t think anything would have changed between him and Kelley had they gotten engaged, he does believe “everything turned out as it was supposed to.“He has no regrets about his controversy Bachelor travels and is grateful for what he has learned about himself and his desires for future relationships. “I’m so, so, so incredibly grateful for Kelley [and] for all the girls,“Peter said of his time as The single person. Kelley already said Us weekly that she doesn’t think everything would have turned out any different if Peter had originally chosen her for his season.

Even though Kelley’s and Peter’s relationship didn’t work out, it’s not that surprising to fans of The single person. Most couples coming out of the franchise don’t stand the test of time, but it’s still fun to accompany them on their travels. Hopefully Peter and Kelley, who were recently diagnosed with Lyme disease, are able to find happiness on their own.

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