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If you plan to travel during the holidays, experts advise you to prepare for a bumpy trip – high airfares, delays, cancellations.

Anything is possible, they say. So the NBC4 I-Team has some tips for flying in not-so-friendly skies this holiday season.

It’s the season of sky-high airfares. Experts say some are up 55%, driven by more consumers eager to travel.

“It really comes down to demand rising faster than supply catching up,” said Zach Griff of The Points Guy.

Marcia Tillman is heading to Milwaukee for Christmas.

“I’m a little scared to look at (the rates),” Tillman said.

The rates for a low-cost carrier are currently $ 480. Not terrible. But traveling to other cities is more expensive. Are you heading to New York? These tickets will cost you almost $ 700. Traveling to the hottest West Palm Beach? Prepare to shell out over $ 700.

Some travelers, like Joann Gallino, buy tickets as early as possible. And the experts say it’s a good idea.

For example, the rates for Thanksgiving, in just a few weeks, are much more expensive. A trip to Nashville will cost you over $ 700. If you’re heading to New Orleans, be prepared to pay $ 1,500 on a non-budget airline.

And after paying that expensive rate, experts say you prepare for delays and cancellations. Bibiana and Brian Auth’s flight was recently canceled. The airline put them on a new flight, but from a different airport.

“And then all of a sudden we had direct flights, and everything changed in a crazy way,” Bibliana Auth said.

Griff says airlines have blamed the weather for the recent massive cancellations.

“Every weekend for many weekends it’s been the ‘Who’s Going to Crumble?’ Air Roulette,” Griff said.

But Griff says personnel issues also cause problems. He says airlines promise they will be fully staffed for vacation travel. But he’s not so sure.

“So yes, the crews are back… the flight attendants, the pilots. But are the mechanics back? Are the airports operating at full capacity? Until the whole industry is restarted. , the likelihood of having some type of large merger is significantly higher, ”Griffon said.

So Griff has a few tips:

  • Have a back-up plan in place in case your flight is canceled. Know what other airlines offer flights to your destination.
  • Try to choose the first flight of the day, as that means the plane has probably been on the ground overnight and is ready to go.
  • Check the type of plane. Griff says flights operated by regional jets are more likely to be canceled.
  • And finally, get to the airport early.

“We have seen people get stuck in TSA lines and therefore miss their flights because they weren’t arriving early enough,” Griff said. “This applies even if you have Pre-Check, even if you have Clear. “

Griff says rates should start to drop after the holidays. He hopes to see the industry return to normal by spring break.

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