Prioritizing Your Mental Health This Fall in Florence



Prioritizing Your Mental Health This Fall in Florence

Ashton saldana

October 5, 2021 – 10:46 AM

Italians tend to think of fall as the start of the calendar year as the summer festivities end, our routines resume, and the children return to school. As we are now officially in the fall, the obvious signs are the changes in landscape, the drop in temperatures and the shorter days, but we must also not forget the internal changes: stress, weakened immune system and altered circadian rhythm. . In the health and wellness community, many will collectively agree that wellness begins in the depths of the mind and this fall it’s important to incorporate rituals to keep yourself grounded, balanced and centered. There are many healing modalities, some of which are more suitable for you than others to help you maintain your health during this seasonal change and beyond. Healers and practitioners of alternative medicine in the Florence area were researched and interviewed to help you on your wellness journey.

Since the fall is usually a time to breathe out, let’s talk about the importance of breathing. The art of living offers a “Happiness Program” (October 29-31, 2021), which is a three-day trip that teaches you how to breathe to help strengthen the immune system and calm panic attacks and negative emotions. Meditation and yoga are also integrated to acquire a positive state of mind. Ask about discounts if you are facing financial difficulties or if you are a student, as Creative Director Jaya Speranza pointed out: “We are flexible with costs because our main goal is for people to be healthy. and happy. »You can also take advantage of free lessons on Mondays at 7 p.m. at the center or almost every Wednesday and Sunday evening at 7 p.m.

Naturopath Elisa pasquini offers energy rebalancing treatments that include crystals and sound healing to help clients achieve optimal health naturally. Not only attractive to the eye, Crystals have also been proven to help improve your physical health. For example, for people who are iron deficient, the chemical composition of hematite “improves iron uptake by the small intestine and stimulates the production of red blood cells.” This increases the supply of oxygen to all the tissues of the body, with a consequent improvement in the general state of health of the individual ”, explains Elisa. She is also a certified practitioner of Tibetan Singing Bowls and explained that they have different effects when applied to the body as opposed to just listening. Depending on the size of the bowl, the vibration can either energize or be soothing. Elisa’s treatments are organized individually according to the specific needs of her client.

Giulia Paolini is a naturopath in traditional Chinese medicine and her philosophy is listen to your body, communicate with your mind. She thinks this can be achieved through the different treatments she offers to Florence Dream Lab. Foot reflexology focuses on the lower extremity to reduce pain in specific areas of your body because the belief is that the feet are connected to every part of your body. She also offers the Tui Na massage, which “involves the same points as acupuncture, but instead of applying needles, manual maneuvers are applied which help to restore psycho-physical balance”. Giulia also incorporates aromatherapy into her practice, which she says is especially important these days when we have to wear masks for long periods of time. If you are suffering from headaches, anxiety or insomnia, this is a natural alternative that you can try and “you will see the changes in your body and you will quickly see the changes in your mind as they are connected”, expresses Giulia.

Jen Warakomski, owner of Tuscan wellness, explains: “I think we are still healing from something everyday, whatever the season, but especially as the fall season of summer approaches, the re-intro can be a bit shocking because in summer we have a lot of space and relaxation. We allow ourselves to give up rituals and routines a little more than at other times of the year and then suddenly it’s like we’re back in that cycle. it offers individual mentoring programs that help you create a healthy routine through a combination of Reiki energy work, physical movement through yoga, and mindfulness meditation. Its purpose is to “introduce and guide individuals to recognize that they are their own healer”. Business owners know that the morale of their employees is paramount. Research shows that integrating a wellness program has resulted in decreased healthcare demands and stress while increasing productivity. Due to the increase in smart work, these programs are currently done virtually because many still haven’t returned to the office.

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