Renting a car this holiday weekend could be a challenge and result in a higher price


CHARLESTON, Va. (WOWK) – AAA has said this Independence Day travel weekend will be the busiest on record since the group began tracking those numbers. The group estimates that 47.7 million Americans will travel on Independence Day and 90% of them will travel by car.

But if travelers are considering renting a car, they should be prepared to pay more than before. As more people get vaccinated and more restrictions are lifted, interest in travel increases.

Travelers are eager to hit the road and may experience high costs and limited availability. AAA said daily rates rose 86% from last July.

“They’re going to pay high prices if they haven’t already booked a car rental for Independence Day,” Jenifer Moore explained with AAA. “The uptime can be very low or you could pay high costs. “

The travel group said a slowdown in auto sales during the pandemic and a shortage of semiconductor chips have led to delays in auto manufacturing and shortages at car rental companies.

“In some areas you can look online and see that a car is available and then you can call ten minutes later and it is no longer available,” Moore said. “It’s because demand is very high right now and there aren’t enough cars.”

If you are considering leasing a car, Moore has a few tips that might help make the process easier.

“If you need to book, try to book at different locations. Airports run out pretty quickly, so if you want to book cheaply, try to book outside the airport, maybe in a city that is not near the airport, ”she said. .

If you’re going to be taking your own car on a long trip, she said make sure you take it for a maintenance check in advance so you don’t find yourself stranded on what will be a busy weekend on. roads.

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