Sixth Street bars gear up for a busy Halloween night


Halloween night may fall on a Sunday this year, but it still falls on a Saturday for the Austin Entertainment District.

Bars up and down Sixth Street prepare for a busy night out. Those who work at Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Icehouse on West Sixth Street are no exception.

“We expect to be extremely busy as we hit capacity early on. We are prepared and fully staffed. We will be consumer ready,” said Austin Talley of WTF Icehouse.

Compared to last year’s low turnout due to the pandemic, this busy crowd is exactly what bars want to see.

“For small business owners up and down this block, it’s a breath of fresh air. This tough year where everyone faced the unknown, it makes up for 10 times.

Halloween isn’t the only day that draws crowds, the past two weeks have also helped the Entertainment District financially with all the local events going on.

“So far, with two ACL weekends, F1 weekends, our football weekends, things that are on the schedule, we’re going to be great with that. All of our downtown properties are doing really well. starting last summer, so I feel like we’re headed in a great direction, ”said Bob Woody, president of the East Sixth Street Community Association.

As people celebrate Halloween, bar owners are already gearing up for New Year’s Eve, an event that will also bring money to the neighborhood.

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