The Bristol Press – 80th Annual OM Show will feature performances focused on each month of the year


BRISTOL – OM’s 80th annual show, “Seasons of Love,” will feature performances focused on each month of the year and will be presented in two screenings on October 9 at St. Paul’s Catholic High School.

The OM Show is the country’s longest-running variety show. While this year’s production will still be “virtual” like last year, people will be able to watch it together at 2 and 7 p.m. at the school at 1001 Stafford Ave.

“We thought things were safer this year with vaccines, but we still didn’t want to get everyone into a big group in January like we normally do,” said Allen Stone, artistic director. “Nonetheless, we are very excited for this year’s show. We think people were eager to go out and do things. Watching it this year will be more like going to a movie. ”

The show will feature several pre-filmed segments at sites in Bristol, including the New England Carousel Museum.

“This whole covid thing has been going on for over a year now, so we’ve chosen to have numbers focused on each month of the year while remaining as positive as possible,” Stone said. “For January there will be a song about New Years Day, for February there will be a Valentine’s Day number and for March there will be a song about luck. We have a fabulous number planned for Halloween in October.

The show features a cast of around 40 artists. Stone said there will be solo acts, duets and group performances featuring local children, teens and adults.

“We have such a talented group, including new artists and people who come back year after year,” he said.

The show’s deputy artistic director, Wayne Morgan, said that last year the artists of the OM Show recorded and submitted their own solo performances which were put together for the show. This year, the acts were filmed as more formal productions at each site. A green screen was also used for some segments.

“We’ve spent the last four months filming and editing,” he said.

John Mazzone, president of the show, said it was “amazing” that the OM show reached its 80-year milestone.

“The goal of the OM Keystone Association is to benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Bristol,” he said. “Being able to do this for 80 years is such an honor. ”

Stone, who has been involved with the show since he was cast at the age of four, was also proud to carry on the tradition.

“I entered the show through my family,” he said. “The OM Show has featured so many talented artists over the years, some of whom have made it to Broadway. It is my goal to be able to keep this show alive and for the children to continue to fall in love with it for as long as possible.

The OM Keystone Association is grateful to all the sponsors who supported this year’s production. For more information or to become a sponsor, visit or email [email protected]

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