The tradition of garbage continues on the “Little brown pot”


PINE BELT, Miss. (WDAM) – For the 100th anniversary of the game ‘Little Brown Jug’, Hattiesburg Mayor Toby Barker has made a proposal to Laurel Mayor Johnny Magee.

The proposal was an offer to build a “Little Brown Jug” museum in Hattiesburg. Barker even offered to let Laurel’s hometown celebrities Erin and Ben Napier from HGTV’s “Home Town” design it.

“I mean, I think over time they’re going to see the value of it, and of course Hattiesburg is willing to pay the cost because we don’t expect to pay for something we don’t have. never need, ”Barker said.

However, Magee declined the offer.

“In fact, after talking to Ben and Erin this morning, we decided to make a counter offer to the mayor, and it was for Laurel to annex Hattiesburg [and] rename South Laurel so they can be in a town that really means something. So from now on, Laurel will be called North Laurel and Hattiesburg will be called South Laurel, ”Magee said.

But Barker is confused and doesn’t understand why Magee would even suggest the offer.

“I don’t even know what Magee is talking about. I mean, if I was still second behind the upper city 30 miles south of myself, I would definitely want to be them. I would like to sum it up by taking all that they have to do and to offer, and all of their creativity, all of their ideas and all of their talent, ”said Barker.

It’s not the only thing they don’t seem to agree on.

“I’m betting 24-21, Laurel. It will be a close game, but Laurel will be victorious, ”Magee said.

Barker thinks Magee is wrong.

“First of all, there’s no way our defense will give 24 points, okay. So I mean, that’s just it. It won’t happen, ”Magee said.

“He has no sense of sport. He did not know the sport. In fact, he has no idea about football in high school, which means he picks the wrong team tomorrow night.

While they couldn’t agree on things on the pitch, they each came up with an interesting deal.

“I will wash Mayor Barker’s vehicle in front of Town Hall in my suit and tie, whether he chooses rain, sun, sleet, or snow in front of Hattiesburg Town Hall if Hattiesburg, by any chance, can win against Laurel ‘Between the Bricks,’ ”Magee said.

“But my counter-offer will be that I will toast Mayor Johnny McGee just before I go upstairs to give the midnight toast on New Year’s Eve,” Barker said.

The two mayors discussed it and they agreed to the following conditions: If Laurel wins, Barker will wash Magee’s car. If Hattiesburg wins, Magee will have to toast Hattiesburg on Laurel’s New Year’s Eve party.

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