The unusual New Year’s event where you can party – with ghosts


Tickets went on sale for an unusual New Years Eve event at a party hall with a rather frightening difference.

Charltons Community Center, on the outskirts of Guisborough, is built on the site of what is believed to be the last ironstone miners’ bath in North Yorkshire and, according to legend, is home to a number of resident ghosts.

And around the turn of the year, locals plan to throw a party at the site that will feature a real live ghost hunt once the clock strikes midnight.

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The event, designed by City Hall’s Jilly Craig, will kick off with a ’70s-themed party before things hopefully happen overnight.

“We start the night with a party, retro 70s food, drinks and music.

“Take part in our murder mystery game. As the new year approaches, glimpse your coming year with a tarot reading. Hear stories of past visits to the hall, treat yourself to a hot chocolate with rum during as we spend ghost hunting in our much-acclaimed Miners’ Baths and Mortuary. “

Tales tell that the hall and the remains of the public baths below house the ghost of a miner as well as a specter in the form of a little girl named Polly.

Spirit circles and paranormal fans have also reported feeling chills and hearing strange noises in the lobby, and visitors to the bath have reported seeing orbs of light in the space below.

Ironstone mines were opened in the area in the 1860s, Charltons takes its name from the original owner of the mine – Thomas Charlton – who also began building houses for the workers.

The village hall was built as a miners’ institute and bathhouse and the villagers hope to put its history on the map as part of the iron mining heritage trail that exists to document the industry once so prevalent in the region. East Cleveland area.

Tickets for the New Years event are £ 20.

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