Tyrese Maxey must back him against Damian Lillard


Heading into the Philadelphia 76ers’ first game of the calendar year against the Atlanta Hawks in … well, you know when, many expected an offensive-defensive showdown between Young Traé and Matisse Thybulle.

The stage was set to finally silence the skeptics, end the speculation and close the book on how ugly the 2020-21 season ends.

Although this match did take place and Thybulle showed up as expected, Doc Rivers chose not to follow Young with his best defensive wing exclusively, instead giving Tyrese Maxey a lot of racing against a shooter always adapting to the new foul rules.

Through NBA Center – I know, I know – Young went 3-9 with Maxey deployed on him for cover, the sophomore goaltender also recovering a block and steal for his efforts. He performed well on cover, traded effectively with his teammates, and generally satisfied many scouts’ projections that he could be a more NBA-level defenseman.

This is, my friends, the good news. The bad news? Tyrese Maxey is going to have to start all over again, as the Philadelphia 76ers gear up for the ghost of past offseason trading, Damien lillard, the day after Halloween.

The Philadelphia 76ers need Tyrese Maxey to double against Dame.

As crazy as it sounds if you don’t spend your late waking nights watching Pacific Northwest basketball on NBA League Pass – what am I? – Damian Lillard has played a bit poorly for the Portland Trail Blazers so far this season.

Now granted, part of that has to do with the fact that the Blazers are generally an average NBA team, as their 3-2 record features losses to the Clippers and Sacramento, but a lot of that falls on the shoulders as well. of Lillard, as his shots aren’t falling to their usual clip just about anywhere on the pitch.

Alright, alright, maybe Lillard is starting slow, but it can’t be that bad. How well are we talking?

How about 19.2 points and 7.6 assists per game while hitting 37.1% of his shots from the field and 26.2% of his 3 of 8.2 (!) Attempts.


To make matters worse, Lillard averages just four free throws per game, which would be the fewest attempts of his career if extrapolated to a full season since he was a rookie in 2012-13.

Boy, Neil Olshay might actually have to tie a pick to Lillard’s contract for Daryl Morey to now bite on a Ben Simmons trade (sarcasm).

So what gives? Do the new fouling rules affect Lillard as much as Trae Young, or is he just in general funk that will eventually pass?

Only time will tell, but anyway, hopefully this will last throughout their fight against the Philadelphia 76ers, as a big game against Lillard could boost Tyrese Maxey #tothemoon’s confidence.

Remember how being related to James Harden played a role in Ben simmons require a trade? Well, don’t you think Maxey heard all the speculation about shipping his services to Toronto and then to Portland for Kyle Lowry and Lillard, respectively?

He heard it, and so far he has taken on the challenge of making himself untouchable.

In the first six games of the 2021-22 NBA season, Maxey averaged 14.7 points, 3.5 assists and 3.7 rebounds per game. He’s scored in double digits in all but one of the Sixers’ games and has actually doubled his shooting attempts to 3 points per game, even though his shooting percentage isn’t that much better than as a rookie.

Maxey seemed comfortable running the point in Doc Rivers’ offense, became an even more confident finisher around the hoop and, more importantly, made strides to be a more consistent defender, even though this fracture ankle recoils by her college teammate Emmanuel Quickley will surely live forever in the Knicks memesphere.

If Maxey can just start over in a fight against the NBA’s pure best point guard, he’ll never have to worry about Shake Milton regain his place in the starting XI.

Would the Philadelphia 76ers still trade Tyrese Maxey, Ben Simmons, and a ton more for Damian Lillard if he became available? Yes. Daryl Morey is a certified believer in the winning star power championships, and the combination of Lillard and Joel Embiid would certainly suit this bill. But given the circumstances, it’s hard to feel anything other than being excited about how Maxey took on this challenge and took it on. Now, if he can start over against the Portland Trail Blazers, his legend will only grow.

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